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Guest Artist Demonstrations

May Guest Artist: Carolyn Letvin  

Painter and monotype printmaker, Carolyn Letvin is a long-time member of the Monotype Guild of New England.  She will demonstrate her monotype skills and techniques which are influenced by her studies in Flemish Old Masters.

This demonstration will cover a basic printmaking process for painters using oil paint. Using your current oil painting supplies and some simple tools, you can create beautiful, unique monotype prints. Because it’s completely portable, this process can easily be taken into the field for making plein air monotypes. The same technique can be used with water-based paint and ink. At the end of the demonstration, audience members will have the opportunity to experience applying paint to a plexiglass matrix and making a print.

Still Waters #1 (12_).jpeg

"Still Waters" by Carolyn Letvin

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


49 Lexington St. Framingham, MA

in the Costin Room

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

We offer these demonstrations each month September through May on the third Tuesday of the month. Some are on Zoom. When we meet in person it is at the Costin Room at the main branch of the Framingham Public Library.

Recent Guest Artists

April 2023: Ann Gillespie, pastel artist

March 2023: Charles Guay, lifelong painter

February 2023: Gwen Chasan, lifelong painter

January 2023:  Nan Rumpf, Water media artist

November 2022:  Kathy Anderson, Signature member of Oil Painters of America

October 2022:  Dianne P. Miller: Boston-based plein air artist

September 2022: Laurinda O'Connor: Pastel artist

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